Not everyone can do it, not everyone wants to do it but some do want to be there for their kids and it’s not right to make them feel bad about it. Home / Examples and Samples / Essay on “The Roles of a Single Mother” Essay on “The Roles of a Single Mother” ... My children are precious to me, yet there are admittedly days when they seem semi-precious. As early childhood is the most formative period of development for a child it is important that a mother has as much time to devote to her children as possible. Therefore, some people feel that the government should give financial assistance to one of the parents so that they can stay at home and take care of their child. A thesis statement is a 1 to 2 sentence declaration of the main point of your paper or essay. By staying at home mothers could ensure that the next generation had the best start in life, hopefully averting future problems and providing a benefit to society as a whole. 06/02/2020 05/04/2018 by The Moderator. Some women were indeed constrained; many others were protected. The decision to stay at home to raise your children -- or to go out to work -- isn't just a dollars and cents proposition. The mother is the person with which the children spend most of their time. I think, that if possible, a mother should be at home with the children as long as they can. My grandma on the other hand, married my grandpa and had three kids, two of which were hers and one was her step child. There are pros and cons in both scenarios and mothers should follow whatever is best for them, based on their specific situation. For most couples, deciding who works and who stays home comes down to plain economics. Although stay-at-home mothers are rewarded with the benefit of helping their child grow, the economic advantages. [] No. Argumentative Essay On Working Mothers 1033 Words | 5 Pages . Working mothers tend to appreciate such moments more than those who stay at home. Is it a positive or negative development? 8 Reasons Why Mothers Left Their Careers for Stay-At-Home Motherhood: 1) The stress of managing work and family demands. On the other hand, there are many people who argue that seniors should be able to live with their family members in their home.   You're their first influence before they head off to school and you're continually teaching them something new. The social rule decreeing that mothers stay home functioned in much the same way. What is more, children are closer with their mothers rather than their fathers. Even though it was in the 1950’s, Ma and Pa shared equal house work, equal child care, and equal farm work. Families today come in all shape and sizes, and more and more moms are trading in their gardens and cooking utensils for the hustle and bustle of the American work force. It is a shame in the modern world to confine women to the home and block their way to the full exploitation of their capacity and potential. They may bond better with their kids While some argue that a mother who spends all her … Working Mothers (Argumentative Essay) ... the money that the working mother earn will be spend on the infant schools. For many working mothers, the decision of whether or not to stay at home is not one they are allowed to make. I agree with this statement, especially mothers, choose to stay at home and dedicate themselves to the upbringing the children after pregnancy should receive payment from the government. Of course, the biggest beneficiaries of this policy will be parents of young children. Furthermore, if a woman spends some time at work during the day, she will start to appreciate every moment that is spent with her children. Write about the following topic: These days more fathers stay at home and take care of their children while mothers go out to work. What could be the reasons for this? She understands the child better and caters their needs in the most efficient manner. Firstly, children of employment mothers are better in their education than children of mothers who’s stay at home. A 2012 Gallup poll surveyed 60,000 women including women with no children, working moms, and stay-at-home moms who were or were not looking for work. Womens slowly fight for their rights to work and started to go out to earn a living. It has been found that children study better if their mother goes to work rather than stays at home all day long. Women are being bombarded with messages that they can ‘have it all’, marriage, children and develop a career just so they can be seen as a successful woman. The role of the mother as being more emotionally attached to the child makes her more integral for the child, but this does not prove her dominance on the role of the father. For Stay- at-Home Moms. (2) In this way, stay at home mothers can improve society. The Gallup poll revealed more stay-at-home moms reported experiencing sadness or anger in their day than moms who worked outside of the home. Actually, these days most of the women keep their children at their mother’s house, so they do not spend money on the childcare. There are certainly some benefits to this arrangement. "11 Are working mothers better than stay-at-home mothers? Several women expressed that they left their careers due to the stress of managing motherhood and career. Women were expected to stay home to take care of their children and perform household chores, while the men were the one to go out and earn money for the family. For instance, how to teach children to sing, to dance or to cook traditional cuisines as well as to tell funny stories for children. Pro -- Adequate time with your little one Working Mothers vs Stay at Home Mothers: The Impact On Children ; The Effects of the Mother’s Employment on the Family and the Child; Working mothers – Australian Institute of Family Studies; As a coin has two sides, the concept of the working woman also has many advantages and disadvantages. It is disappointing when mothers are devalued for staying at home to raise their children. When you stay home with the kids, you are their teacher. Ma was a stay at home mom, and her husband besides the farm work, was a stay at home dad. Another reason why working women are better mothers is because their children grow up to be more independent than those of stay-at-home moms. This is the best explanation for the reason why mothers should stay at home and fathers should … Mothers should stay at home and look after children. Also the nurseries now are everywhere and they became cheap, maximum it will cost 1000 riyal. Some people think that a woman should stay at home to look after her children and family .Whereas others think that it is ok for a woman if she has time for work and if she is the only sources of income . This most often happens when their needs prevent me from keeping up with my homework. Argumentative essay topics related to health can be very broad in their scope: these could discuss various medical conditions arguing in favor of new treatment approaches or revealing new evidence regarding the causes of certain diseases (e.g. They get used to not being dependent on any one constant presence and learn the skills of self sufficiency and independence faster than their counterparts. 3.0 Third Argument Women have Their Rights to Work Outside. Several years ago mothers would stay at home with their children while the father went to work to support his family, but it is nothing like that today in American households. There are consequences to pursuing these lifestyle choices. The argument goes something like the following: if the system were not so discriminatory, most mothers would choose to do what they really want to, which is to stay at home with their children. I accept that women have duty to take care of their children, but that does not mean that they cannot work outside the home. stay at home with their children.The “mothers would rather stay at home”argument suggests that this is what the moth-ers themselves would prefer. They feel loved and cherished when they get to live with their near and dear ones. of the stay at home mother should be restored. They should stand side by side with men and define their role in society, where they can choose to work outside or stay at home and in which they will have more time to develop their own interests. Women are definitely encouraged in Titus 2 and 1 Timothy 5 to stay at home with their young children. Most mothers, my guess is, have always valued the best interests of their children above money or power or prestige, and still do. A new study shows that whether mothers work outside the home has no negative effect on their children’s development. However, I believe mothers should get paid for their contribution to raising healthy and active kids. Argument #1 [] Yes. A Working Women A working woman continues to receive criticism in some societies . As a result, one may argue that mothers should stay home to look after their children instead of working outside the home. Continue Reading. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Apryl Duncan is a stay-at-home mom and internationally-published writer with years of experience providing advice to others like her. Motherhood is a blessing but being a working mother has to be one of the toughest jobs -- due to many constraints, women prefer to be stay-at-home moms. Mothers miss the opportunity to attach to and be intimate with their children. Above, two mothers and their children walk on the Caltech campus in 2013. Here you can find the list of Research Papers that are related to the working mothers. As such, it can only be decided upon by the writer (since no one knows what views you want to include). Notwithstanding the statement of “women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home” is robustly supported by first and second arguments, there are still some disapprove with the statement above. Mothers with the financial means have long had the choice to go back to work or stay home after the birth of their children. Argument essay Project Topic : A Working Women Name : Rinad Alnassar 2. Sure, many parents love their kids and still want to work. That's probably why more than half of American children live in two-income households, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. "The number of employed mothers with children under age 18 were 70.1% in 1999, up from to 66.3% in 1990. In my opinion, this policy has its pros and cons. To start with, elders are happier in the company of their children and grandchildren. Firstly ,there are many good … It is a significant benefit of being a working mother. But many more think they can't afford to stay home with their children. While the Bible leaves women the choice whether to stay at home with the children or go to work outside the home, it certainly is a commendable thing for a mother to be at home with the children and devote herself to training them full time. Also, more than half of Americans say they believe young children should have a parent at home, and more than half of mothers say they would prefer to stay home … Today it is common for children to be raised by just one of their parents, and those children are often disadvantaged in several ways.
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